scott miller

From Ritual to Romance

Released: June 25, 2002 (125 Records)


The band: Scott Miller, Kenny Kessel, Alison Faith Levy, Gil Ray, Paul Wieneke, Mike Tittel

Guest vocalist: Anton Barbeau

Recorded and mixed by Tim Walters and Steve Vernon/Signal SF

Recorded live Oct. 5, 1996 at the Hotel Utah, SF, CA and Aug. 8, 1998 at Bottom of the Hill, SF, CA

Note: Three of the songs on this CD are covers ("Here Come the Warm Jets" by Brian Eno; "Debaser" by the Pixies; "When You Sleep" by My Bloody Valentine).

Where The Flood Waters Soak Their Belongings
Here Come the Warm Jets
Spot the Setup
Such Little Nonbelievers
Don't Respond, She Can Tell
Sword Swallower
[DfD untitled 9]
Not Because You Can
Good, There Are No Lions In The Street
[DfD untitled 5]
[DfD untitled 11]
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
Baby Hard-To-Be-Around
Asleep and Awake On The Man's Freeway
Curse of the Frontier Land
When You Sleep